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Beating Post-Holiday Blues

Beating Post-Holiday Blues

The holiday season is filled with so much fun and laughter but after all the decorations are kept and families going back to their usual routine, a lot of older adults feel alone again.

Most senior adults feel isolated from their family and friends and the happy feelings that they felt over the holidays can be replaced with anxiety and depression especially those seniors who require long term care.

Home Care of Philadelphia believes that seniors can fight against post-holiday blues. It is critical to take proactive steps in to prevent the long-lasting negative impact of depression. Here are some tips from our home care in Philadelphia that can help seniors combat post-holiday blues away.

  • Schedule a regular visit.
    Set a time and date that you will drop by. You can also give them a call or do video calling if visiting them is not possible.
  • Hire caregivers that provide home care services in Philadelphia.
    Regular visits from caregivers keep seniors’ company. They also help out in light housekeeping and personal care of seniors.
  • Ensure that they do regular home exercises.
    Physical activity is good for the body and soul. Make sure that they are also being supervised when doing so.

If you have a senior loved on living on their own, call our home care agency now and set up an appointment with us. We offer different home care services for senior adults and make sure that their needs are met.

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