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Living Alone With Early-Stage Dementia

Living Alone With Early-Stage Dementia

Are you diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia, or a frontotemporal disorder and live alone? You must know that living alone with early-stage dementia is not impossible to do. Some ways help you cope with changes in memory and thinking, prepare for the future, and stay active.

Our home care agency recommends the following tips:

  • Make Everyday Tasks Easier
    It’s important to look ahead to a time when performing daily tasks will become harder. You can strategize by organizing your day through to-do lists, setting up automated payments for bills, avail of grocery delivery services, and using a pillbox with reminders for your medications.
  • Make Your Home Safe
    Consider making your home safe by getting rid of unused items, extra furniture, and other clutter, removing throw rugs, installing an automatic shut-off switch on the stove, and installing safety devices.
  • Prepare for the Future
    Dementia is a progressive condition. This is why preparing for the future is important. Talk about your important affairs with your family, hire a lawyer, consider in-home care services, such as our home care services in Philadelphia, and make a long term care plan.
  • Strengthen Your Support System
    Identify the people you trust who can visit you regularly and be your emergency contact. Your support system may include family members, friends, or other caregivers.
  • Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy
    Continue to be physically active, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and spend time with family and friends. These activities help ease dementia symptoms.

Dementia can be very challenging. But with the right plan and support, anyone can get through it with comfort. Call Home Care of Philadelphia today to know more about our services for home care in Philadelphia!

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