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Nursing Home Vs. Home Care: Benefits and Drawbacks

Nursing Home Vs. Home Care: Benefits and Drawbacks

When receiving long term care, individuals can either choose a nursing home or home care. But which one is better?

To help you and your family decide, here are the top benefits and drawbacks of nursing homes and home care services in Philadelphia.

Nursing Home Pros and Cons

A nursing home has a staff that consists of medical professionals of varying degrees. This means that your loved ones have access to these professionals 24/7.

However, this also means that your senior family members will be living away from their homes. Many older adults have difficulties transitioning from something they are familiar with to a new living arrangement.

Home Care Pros and Cons

Going with home care in Philadelphia allows your loved ones to enjoy the familiarity of their homes continuously. They have the opportunity to stay at home as independently as possible. Home care is also less expensive than institutional care.

A potential drawback of this setup is choosing a home care agency that may not be right for your family members. That is why research is a must when hiring.

If you need a reliable home care provider, Home Care of Philadelphia is your right choice. Call us today to learn about our services. Our staff is always ready to accommodate you. We look forward to helping you with all your home care needs.

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