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Caregiving Tips: Winter Safety for the Elderly

Caregiving Tips: Winter Safety for the Elderly

As the cold season approaches, seniors are at a higher risk of developing health problems and injuries related to the weather. The slippery sidewalks, snow, and cold air could make life challenging for older adults. Finding a reliable provider of home care services in Philadelphia can help keep them safe.

At Home Care of Philadelphia, we have caregivers who are experienced in providing long term care for seniors. Check out the winter safety tips for seniors.

  • Keep warm
    Pay attention to the temperature inside your house. You should set your heat to at least 68-70 degrees.
  • Bundle up
    If both you and your senior loved ones need to go out, make sure to wear warm clothes, put on a hat and scarf, and wear a waterproof jacket.
  • Stay active
    Exercise is important to increase blood flow. There are a variety of ways seniors can stay active indoors, such as yoga, tai chi, wall presses, and light weight lifting.

Are you looking for a provider of quality home care in Philadelphia?

Our home care agency is committed to helping seniors live a safe and independent life at home. If you need our help, schedule an assessment now.

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