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Celebrating the Holidays During the Pandemic

 Celebrating the Holidays During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that this global pandemic has taken a toll on everyone—particularly the seniors. Being part of the group deemed to be the most vulnerable, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, this entire home quarantine is challenging for them. Bringing some holiday cheer to them will surely enliven their spirit.

If you don’t live with your senior loved ones, you might have to change how you celebrate the holidays with them, especially if they have a long-term care plan. Keeping them safe should be your top priority.

Here are some holiday ideas from Home Care of Philadelphia for your elderly loved ones:

  • Avoid in-person gathering with people that don’t live with them. You can still celebrate the season while physically distancing.
  • Host a virtual party with all your loved ones. Organize delivery of special gifts that they can open during the party, and you can even cook something up and have it delivered to them.
  • Consider bringing in professionals that provide home care services in Philadelphia so that they can enjoy an assisted holiday celebration with someone who can help them out navigating through the holidays. This also ensures that your loved one is not alone during this time of the year.
  • Depending on how well your loved ones are, a low-key approach to the holidays may work best for them. With the help of their home care in Philadelphia, you can walk down memory lane with them to reminisce about their good old days.

Take these considerations from our home care agency to keep your loved ones safe during the holidays. If you have other suggestions, share them with us.

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