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Remembering to Take Your Medication

Remembering to Take Your Medication

Missing a dose of your medication may seem harmless, but it can have real consequences. The effects may not be apparent at first but it can have serious consequences in the long-term. Your home care agency would usually help you prevent missing a dose as it can result in your treatment being less effective, the treatment not working at all, you developing resistance to your current treatment, withdrawal symptoms, or even fatal complications.

As a provider of home care services in Philadelphia we always make sure that our patients take the proper dose of their medication at the proper time. Here are some tips from Michigan Health:

  • Keep a list
    Take note of all the medication you’re taking and any changes in them. There are also mobile applications you can use to keep track of this.
  • Take your medication at the same time
    Make those coincide with your daily routines such as your meals, brushing your teeth, a shower, or bedtime
  • Use a pillbox
    Having a pillbox with the days of the week and placing it at a visible place can help remind you to take them daily
  • Set an alarm
    This can remind you to take your medication on time
  • Keep a calendar
    Write down doses and when refills are due so you can contact your healthcare provider or pharmacist before you run out

Does this sound like too much work for you? You may benefit from home care in Philadelphia. We at Home Care of Philadelphia can help you remember to take your medication in the right doses at the right time.

We provide various services such as personal care, homemaking, meal preparation, and long term care.

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