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Senior Skincare: Preventing Dryness and Itching

Senior Skincare: Preventing Dryness and Itching

Our skin goes through changes as we age. It becomes thinner, loses fat, and is no longer as plump or smooth as before. This makes senior skin prone to dryness, itching, and other skin conditions.

As a provider of home care services in Philadelphia we give importance to the care that goes into senior skin. Here are some tips from the National Institute on Aging:

  • Use moisturizers such as lotions, creams, or ointments daily.
    Keeping skin hydrated is important to prevent dryness. With their thinner skin, seniors are prone to bleeding and infections when they scratch their dry and itch skin.
  • Take fewer baths or showers and use milder soaps.
    Frequent baths and harsh soaps can strip the skin of its natural oils. Make sure to use warm water instead of hot water as it is less drying.
  • Try using a humidifier.
    The lack of humidity in a room can contribute to dry skin. A humidifier adds moisture to a room.

Other than these, it is also important to make lifestyle changes to maintain senior skin. Any home care agency would know to recommend healthy lifestyle changes such as drinking enough liquids, avoiding too much time under the sun, quitting smoking, and several others.

Do you find this too overwhelming or would you need other personal care services? You might benefit from home care in Philadelphia. We at Home Care of Philadelphia can make sure you are getting your personal care needs and living a comfortable life within your own home.

We provide various services such as personal care, medication reminders, homemaking, meal preparation, and long term care.

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